Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A very emotional day...

I can't get connected in my room so there will be no photos today. We went to the orpphanage today and it was a very emotional day. It started the moment we got off the bus and were greeted by the pounding of drums. There were people lined up to greet us as we walked off the bus and it almost felt like we were celebreties! I guess in fact we were. There was quite the celebration with dignitaries and speeches and fireworks and lion dances. Cadi got a lot of it on video. I was just taken over by the emotion of finally being able to bring her back to the place of her roots.

After the opening ceremony we split into groups. The girls made dumplings which we ate for lunch along with a few soups and fruit. After lunch we were able to tour the new building which will open in September. Then we went into the rooms where the children were. There were several that just tugged at my heart. There were very few dry eyes. I will try to write more about my feeling later, but I just wanted to post and let you know that we are fine, but we have very limited access to the internet. I guess it is only a problem for Mac users. I knew I hated Macs!

Later if I can get back on. Until then I will try to keep a journal and then transfer all to this blog. Tomorrow will be a less emotional day. Marleen


  1. I saw your story in China Daily -- it was posted on CDS board -- you're a celebrity!

    I can only imagine the emotions! (Dumplings sounded good, though!)


  2. Marleen, you must be exhausted after such an emotional day. I hope you all can get some rest! And I look forward to reading more about the trip when you can get connected (curse those crummy Macs! ;) )

  3. What a day you have had! I can't imagine what all is going through your minds. What a wonderful opportunity you have, but tough too.

  4. I sit here with tears streaming. I can only imagine ... I know that one day I hope to take my girls back ... but will need steel belted armor to do that and not be a blubbering mess!