Monday, March 16, 2009

A little bit more before we go...

Didn't really get any time to blog last night so I have a few minutes now before we leave the hotel to say a little bit about yesterday. We went to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in the morning. Seems like there were many more people there than 10 years ago. The weather was beautiful and warm enough we were without coats for most of the day. The girls seemed to be impressed with the splendor, but Josi got excited when we related it to the scene in Mulan.

After a lunch we were honored with the privileged to go to CCAA China Center for Adoption Affairs. We were able to see the document review rooms as well as the magical place called the matching room. They told us that they actually look at the applicant's picture and then the babies pictures and match them that way. That explains why I got such beautiful daughters!

After that the girls got to go to the BLAS office for a lesson in calligraphy and to learn a song. Then we went shopping in a 4 story lesson in bargaining At one point the girls were laughing so hard I thought we were going to have to find a Chinese toilet (which by the way they both experienced at the BLAS office!

Cadi and I skipped dinner and sat in the front of the restaurant while the others ate because she just wasn't feeling well. She's still a little punky today so hopefully we will make it to Yangzhou today!

The picture are all from our time at CCAA and BLAS including the toilet. We still need some education with this chinese culture...


  1. I have always thought that Quinn looks a little like me, skin color and eye shape aside. Now I know why! I'm enjoying reading about your trip and living vicariously through you and your girls. :-)

  2. The girls look tired! But, what a great opportunity to see the matching room!