Thursday, March 19, 2009

I think it's March 20

It's hard to get to a computer because I can't get connected in our hotel room so this will be brief. We went to the Orphanage on Wednesday and have a very emotionally charged day. It was good, but parts were just very difficult. I have written a long version and saved it in word so I will try to post those from Beijing when we arrive tommorrow. The longer we are in Yangzhou the more I realize just how big and important this reunion trip is to so many in Yangzhou. There must be hundreds of people who are behind the scene making sure every last detail is taken care of.
Yesterday we spent our morning at the zoo and park and Josi got to see a panda and Cadi got to see a tiger so the day was complete. We were entertained with puppets and lion dancing and kite flying all morning long. Cadi also made a hand print along with the other Yangzhou girls and those will stay at the orphanage. During the afternoon we toured a school and then went home with a host family to have time at their house and dinner. I think this could be the highlight of the trip! It was great to see their apartment and learn how to make dumplings with the grandma! I will add the details later, but just wanted you to know we are fine and having great fun. Later...Marleen


  1. Hey Marleen, still hanging in there with you on the trip. Sounds like it's so worth it. I hope we can do this next year, too.

  2. I can't wait to see pictures. What an amazing opportunity you have had. I check for updates every day and so enjoy hearing about your trip.