Monday, March 23, 2009

The final Chapter at least for now...

Yes, Mt. Redoubt did erupt. No that didn't keep us from getting home. They closed down the Anchorage airport but we got up the coast and into Cordova on time. We have unpacked and have the second load of laundry in and some of the stuff we bought taken care of. A friend is cooking dinner for us so that will force us to stay up until 8:00. Tomorrow it's back to school so it will be a while before I get going on the scrapbook pages! It's good to be back home, but we will truly miss China.


  1. Hi Marleen; gotcha!

    Here Tall Paul from the other side of the ocean. Good to hear you came back safe and sound. We came home last Friday after spending another week in China to visit a.o. Milou's orphanage in HengYang; very special!
    Hug to the girls and talk to you soon,

    Tall Paul

  2. Paul, Don't know if you will read this or not. Glad to hear you are home. Please email me your email address. Hope you had a wonderful time at Milou's orphanage!