Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pictures of our final day in Yangzhou

A couple explanations. The picture of Cadi and Josi with the man in the suit is the Mayor of Yangzhou.
The one of Cadi and a woman in a red sweater is the director of Yangzhou Social Welfare Institute
The one of Cadi and Josi with the man is the plaid shirt is "tall Paul" as we got to call hime. He and his family were on of 3 families from the Netherlands. They were all great people!

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  1. Such amazing photos - thanks so much for sharing them. It looks and sounds like an incredibly memorable and meaningful trip with a lot to think about and process in a most wonderful way! I so hope to do this with my girls someday. I cannot imagine the special memories you have all made, and now you get to relive them all and make a nice scrapbook when you get home! Can't wait to see those start turning up on CDS!