Friday, February 20, 2009


My sister emailed last night that the passports have been returned to her and the visa stamps are inside so we are good to go! Glad we started in Decemember as soon as I heard about the reunion. How comes the fun part. Report cards finished (actually started and then finished), lesson plans written, cell phone rented, packing lists made. Packing and repacking. Oh yeah I forgot I'm adjudicating the Alto 1 cds for the honor choir for the music festival. I got 12 done last night and have 24 more to go. Do Re Mi Fa... I love to sing...I went to bed singing that last night!


  1. I love your blog header, you're getting good at this stuff.

  2. I agree, great header..and wow, that's baby Cadi, isn't it! She really has grown!