Monday, February 16, 2009

So we are going...

on a reunion trip to China to visit the orphanage where Cadi spent her first 7 months of life. She got the official invitation with a Christmas card. This is the first correspondence we have had in 10 years, so it was very exciting to get the card and invitation. My sister decided that she could go with us and we started the preparations right before Christmas. The passports have arrived, we have signed up and paid the deposit, we have applied for the visas, but they haven't arrived yet. The flights are booked and paid for. I still need to send in the remainder of the money for the cost of the tour in China.I will attempted to update on the preparations during the last few weeks and to keep the blog up while we are in China. This all depends of course on what kind of internet connection I can get in China.


  1. Marleen, this is the most amazing invitation - I am in awe - can you try to find out if BLAS/Motherbridge plan to do this with other CWI/SWI's??? I would so love for my daughters to be able to do something like this - what an incredible gift!! (Of course, candidly, it does bring $$ back in to the orphanage, as well - something they're probably in need of these days, with the reduced adoptions!!) I'm so pleased you're keeping a blog about your Journey! CONGRATULATIONS and have a wonderful time!!

  2. What an awesome invitation! I really hope to do something like this with Katie as she gets older. She's really wanting to go back but right now we're waiting for Lizzie to get a bit older. Oh, I can't wait to follow you on your journey! How exciting!