Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Itinerary came!

March 11-Leave Cordova Arrive Seattle
March 12 and 13- Fly Seattle/Tokyo/Beijing
March 14-Tour the Temple of Heaven in the afternoon.
Evening-Orientation meeting at the hotel
March 15-Morning-Tour to the Great Wall and take photos of the Olympic venues
Afternoon-Back to the hotel and have dinner nearby

March 16-Morning-See local people doing morning excises in a park, back to the hotel for breakfast, then visit CCAA and calligraphy class at BLAS
Evemomg-Transfer to hotel after dinner.
March 17-Morning-Check out the hotel and transfer to the airport. Fly to Nanjing
Afternoon transfer to Yangzhou by bus.
Evening Have dinner and check into hotel.
March 18-Morning-Anniversary Ceremony at Yangzhou orphanage and make dumplings at
the orphanage for lunch.
Afternoon-Look around the orphanage and meet the caretakers.
Evening-Welcoming Banquet.
March 19-Morning-Have some cultural events in a local park, including the puppet
show, paper-cutting, fly kites...) and learn to make the famous
Yangzhou fried rice for lunch.
Afternoon-Visit Slender West Lake scenic area
Evening-Visit and have dinner at a local family
March 20-Morning-Visit a local middle school, and shop freely at Dongguan Shopping
Afternoon-Packing time at the hotel after lunch.
Evening-Farewell dinner

March 21-Fly from Nanjing to Beijing
March 22-Fly Beijing,Tokyo,Seattle
March 23-Seattle-Cordova


  1. I am so excited for you, it sounds like a great itinery. Love the idea of making dumplings at the orphanage!!! And seeing the early morning exercises and dancing. I am so envious!

  2. My friend and her daughter did a similar trip through BLAS with the Fuling orphanage group last November - she said it was whirlwind, but wonderful at the same time. Have fun!!!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! It looks like so much fun! I wish I could stow away in your suitcase.